Meet Bell

Bell is the smallest bunny. She struggles to run away from a fox with her little legs. Luckily Bell is smart and creative. She discovers how to ice skate to escape from the fox. This is a story that teaches your kids creativity and problem solving.

2 FOR 20

One goes to you One goes to a Children’s hospital

Our Books Are Unique!

We are donating A LOT of books to hospitals and schools. So, we kept special attention to be extra entertaining and for all ages!

Eye Spy

Each page has hidden creatures to find! The illustration style is unique, colorful, and very detailed. It allows us to fill it to the brim with surprises! 

Board Game Inside

In the back of the book is a board game map similar to Candy Land!

1 Bought
1 Donated

For each book bought, one hardcover book is donated to a children’s hospital or school.

Full Page Drawings

The book is 8.5 x 8.5 inches. And each illustration covers the entirety of each page. And each Image is designed for the text to be easily read. We don’t leave anything out! 


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