One Bought
One Donated

There are so many kids that need books. Nothing brings me more joy then seeing a kid’s eyes light up with joy and amazement. I write and rewrite, paint and repaint everything until I get the reaction I look for. 

Why Do I do It?

Kids Are Alone

Because of the times we are in, kids are more alone than ever before. Kids in hospitals have much less visitors simply to put them safe. And at such an early age it’s really important for them to stay stimulated. That is why with each book bought, I donate one. 


A child’s brain is 85% developed by age 3! Kids that are not engaged with lots of colors, language, sights and sounds, and adult interaction develop smaller brains. In low income neighborhoods, there is only one age appropriate book for every 300 kids.


By age 3, a kids brain is twice as active as an adult’s. It takes a special book to keep their attention. My books are filled with extra detail and color to keep their attention. Eye spy and a board game map included with every book! 

Pre Order Sale!

With each book or eBook bought, one hardcover copy is donated to a children’s hospital or School! You can include a special message in the copy you donate.

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How Can I Do It?

Extra Costs

Just about everything is done by me! I don’t have to pay for any extra services so neither do you. This keeps the costs of the book as low as possible!

I do the illustration, writing, editorial design, branding, and distribution.

Small Printing

To keep manufacturing costs low, I order the books in bulk. If I used one of the popular on demand printing services I would need to sell each of my books for 35 dollars each to keep my buy one donate one model. Bulk ordering allows me to almost cut that price in half! 


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