The larger volume of books the lower the cost

I will personally donate 5000 soft covers of my newest book  “What if all penguins are wizards?” A wildly fun story that inspires kids imagination. 

500 | $2.95 per/Book
1000 | $2.19 per/book

2500 | $1.54 per/book
5000 | $1.14per/book
10000 | $0.95


Ruffles the Rubber Duck

A story where a rubber duck struggles to make friends. It teaches kids that being different is a good thing and you should always be yourself. 



Telly the Tortoise

A story where a tortoise is scared of coming out of her shell. In the end she becomes brave and saves her new friends. It teaches kids about bravery and overcoming fears. 

Bell the Ice Skating Bunny

Bell is the smallest bunny. She struggles to out run a fox with here little legs. She gets creative and learns to ice skate to outwit the fox. A story that teaches kids about creativity and problem solving. 

current cost per a book