Meet Bell

Bell is the smallest bunny. She struggles to run away from a fox with her little legs. Luckily Bell is smart and creative. She discovers how to ice skate to escape from the fox. This is a story that teaches your kids creativity and problem solving.

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"Very Engaging"


Normally my child does not like reading before bed, but as soon as I pulled out this book she was instantly engaged! I never saw her so excited about a book before!
-Sara (Mother)

"Wonderful Idea"


I love the idea of the book! Especially the donations to the hospitals. The story is very creative and unique. Kids love it!

-Alison (Teacher)

"Attention Grabbing"


Kids ask for this book over and over. There is just something about the rhyming and the artwork that gets the kids engaged compared to other books. 
-Jenn ( Teacher)

Sneak Peak


Eye Spy

All pages have an eye spy game! Often kids struggle with engaging with books. Well no more! All the pages are very detailed and the eye spy helps hesitant readers fall in love with reading. 

Buy 1 Donate 1

2000+ Books Donated

For each book bought, I donate one to the children’s hospital or school in memory of Ethan! By the end of April, I will have over 2000 books donated! Each duck represents a kid that got a book because of people like you.

Fun Facts

At the end of the book there is educational content! Your kids will be excited to learn about bunnies and foxes! This makes it a fantastic book for parents and teachers!

Board Game

Replay Bell’s Journey with a board game map that is in the back of the book! Its a game similar to candy land.